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How To Care For Your Baby Playmat

Baby Playmats

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Ok, so after a lot of research and putting in a lot of thought, you have finally purchased a baby play mat from us! Good choice! Playmats - Dwinguler or Baby Care - from BabyPlaymats Canada offers up the ultimate in comfort and ease of use. And though, these playmats are quite easy to clean and maintain, like any other product we also need to do our little bit to maintain and keep the playmats at its optimal performance and ensure continued durability. So how do you take care of your play mat and get the maximum benefit out of your purchase? Here...

5 Reasons Why Baby Playmats are Awesome

Baby Playmats

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Studies have proven that it is never too soon to expose babies to stimulating environments for their bodies and minds. It is important to do this in an environment that’s comfortable and safe for the child. Playmats are generally crafted from soft yet durable materials that are great for babies and toddlers. Most come in vibrant colours that will stimulate your child’s senses. You can’t go wrong with purchasing a baby playmat. These provide for the opportune period for “tummy time”, aiding your baby in gaining strength within their cores, which is an essential aspect of their physical development. It’s...

Benefits of Soft Tile Floors

When looking to decorate a child’s playroom one of the toughest parts can be finding soft, safe, and affordable flooring. While carpet is soft and can prevent injuries on little tumble they can be extremely difficult to clean and with your children around that might be happening more than you think. Our soft-tile flooring is low maintenance and great for multiple purposes such as sports facilities, schools, and playrooms. The EVA foam tiles are great for anyone looking for non-slip soft flooring with extremely comfortable cushioning properties. The closed cell technology of EVA foam makes it basically a rubber that...

Dinoland Playmat

  Our Dinoland playmat features a colourful scene of dinosaurs frolicking on the one side and on the reverse it features a colourful alphabet  and for each letter there is an example of a word beginning with that letter.  Our Dinoland Playmat comes in size medium and large. Shipping is free in Canada.