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How To Care For Your Baby Playmat

Baby Playmats

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Ok, so after a lot of research and putting in a lot of thought, you have finally purchased a baby play mat from us! Good choice! Playmats - Dwinguler or Baby Care - from BabyPlaymats Canada offers up the ultimate in comfort and ease of use. And though, these playmats are quite easy to clean and maintain, like any other product we also need to do our little bit to maintain and keep the playmats at its optimal performance and ensure continued durability. So how do you take care of your play mat and get the maximum benefit out of your purchase? Here...

Aesop's Fables Story Telling Playmat by Dwinguler

Baby Playmats

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Aesop's Fables Story Telling Playmat by Dwinguler is unlike any other playmat in the industry. This mat is to be used in conjunction with a smart phone or tablet. After the Dwinguler app is downloaded to the device, the camera is used to scan various areas of the play mat. Each area of the play mat has a different fable associated with it. As this Dwinguler Playmat is double sided, on the flip side of the mat you will find pictures of all the fables in addition to the alphabet -a creative way to get in some continued learning!  As always...