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Does your baby need a playmat?

Baby Playmats

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Yes! Absolutely! All of us at Baby Playmats Canada agree that buying a play mat is the best decision you will ever make! And, we are not alone... so many mother’s around the world have bought one and have realized just how great it is to have a play mat available for their baby’s! Babies need playtime, mental and physical stimulation to help develop their growing bodies and expanding brains. Playmats make excellent educational toys that can be enjoyed by a baby of any age. These play mats are superb when it comes to entertaining babies while giving them sensory...

Dinoland Playmat

  Our Dinoland playmat features a colourful scene of dinosaurs frolicking on the one side and on the reverse it features a colourful alphabet  and for each letter there is an example of a word beginning with that letter.  Our Dinoland Playmat comes in size medium and large. Shipping is free in Canada.