About Baby Play Mats Canada - BabyPlayMats.ca

Baby Playmats Canada is a retailer of high quality, long lasting and non toxic baby play mats.

With years of experience in the baby products market, Baby Playmats CA believes in being partners with parents in caring for children and ensuring their health, safety and sound development. As an authorized reseller of Dwinguler Playmats, Dwinguler Castle Playpen, Dwinguler Kids Sofa, and Baby Care Playmats, Baby Playmats CA offers high quality, non-toxic and stylish baby play mats; taking great care to choose only those products that have passed rigorous quality tests and are trusted.

Dwinguler Playmats and Baby Care Playmats are beautiful to look, captivate and engage the mind, stimulate body and brain development while inspiring a child's imagination and creativity. Not just good-lookers, Dwinguler Play mat and Baby Care Play mat are an absolute pleasure to use – soft, elastic, non-slip and with patented cushioning for use anytime anywhere, indoors or outdoors; for a safe and fun play space for kids!

Not just baby play mats we at Baby Playmats CA cater to creating an all round and safe play experience for children. Our line up also includes soft tiles and play gear such as the Dwinguler Castle Playpen, and Dwinguler Kids Sofa. Baby Playmats CA is one of the places online you can confidently buy soft tile floors in Canada.

All products on Baby Playmats CA have been fully tested and compliant with worldwide safety standards for chemical based children's products. Dwinguler Playmats and baby products, and Baby Care Playmats are premium, non-toxic and free from harmful substances. Absolutely safe for growing children and crucial for your peace of mind!

Contact us at sales@babyplaymats.ca with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.