Benefits of Soft Tile Floors

When looking to decorate a child’s playroom one of the toughest parts can be finding soft, safe, and affordable flooring. While carpet is soft and can prevent injuries on little tumble they can be extremely difficult to clean and with your children around that might be happening more than you think. Our soft-tile flooring is low maintenance and great for multiple purposes such as sports facilities, schools, and playrooms.

The EVA foam tiles are great for anyone looking for non-slip soft flooring with extremely comfortable cushioning properties. The closed cell technology of EVA foam makes it basically a rubber that creates a high-density closed cell foam that makes for great outdoor usage as well. These awesome interlocking foam tiles are also waterproof, stain-proof, sound proof, and absorb shock.

Our soft-floor tiles are also made from recycled materials making them not only a great choice for your child, but also a great choice for the environment! These are definitely a great alternative to our other baby playmats.