Baby Care Playmats

Baby Care Playmats are eco-friendly and non-toxic play mats for babies, toddlers and young children. Baby Care Playmats are safe, hygienic and fun play mats that can be an essential part in the safe growth and development of your child.

Baby Care Playmats come in stimulating and vibrant colors and designs and include educational elements like alphabet letters and numbers.

These play mats also help to protect children from hard floor surfaces, saving their wrists and knees from potential impacts and injuries during crawling, standing up, and falling.

The Baby Care Playmats come in Small, Medium and Large sizes, suitable for all types of houses and condos. Simply lay it out in a bedroom, living room, play room or any other area for safe and fun play times. 

Our Baby Care Playmats have been tested to European and Australian Toy Safety Standards.