5 Reasons Why Baby Playmats are Awesome

Baby Playmats

Studies have proven that it is never too soon to expose babies to stimulating environments for their bodies and minds. It is important to do this in an environment that’s comfortable and safe for the child. Playmats are generally crafted from soft yet durable materials that are great for babies and toddlers. Most come in vibrant colours that will stimulate your child’s senses.

You can’t go wrong with purchasing a baby playmat. These provide for the opportune period for “tummy time”, aiding your baby in gaining strength within their cores, which is an essential aspect of their physical development. It’s important for babies to spend proportionate amounts of times on their stomachs and backs in order to build a strong core and become able to sit up on their own. Almost all baby play mats come in bright colours with fun and educational designs, you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding the perfect playmat for your baby.


These playmats make it much easier for parents to get closer to the child, it makes for a comfortable area for adults to get down and sit or lie with their child. These mats are great because they create a safe and comfy area for your child to roam around on, as opposed to be cradle either in your arms or in their cradle, where the child doesn’t have much room to roll about.


Playmats are a safe and comfortable area for babies to take their time learning how to crawl. The babies can slip around and fall, or sprawl out when they get tired, all on top of a brightly coloured space, you could even put a little safety fence around it while you pitter patter around the house, knowing that your child will be safe on the playmat.


The Dwinguler Playmats have been tested and approved by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, they are formamide free, have passed the European Toy Safety Standards(EN-71), contain no heavy metals, no endocrine disruptors, and no formaldehydes.


These baby playmats are very easy to clean and they don’t suck in any moisture, so they are great for spills. When cleaning, try to use organic and non-toxic cleaners when to limit the chances of skin reactions the baby could possibly have. These floor mats are so versatile that they can be used outside on a patio or deck. If they get dirty or wet with drool, they can be easily wiped down with a diaper wipe or paper towel.


The playmats are a great learning tool to use with your growing child. They are all very brightly coloured and will make a fun asset to any child’s room. These mats are helpful for teaching your child how to count, colours, the alphabet, how to read, and about different animals.

Alot of first time parents struggle with the guilt of wanting to put their baby down for a while. It’s comforting to know that if you do need to put your child down you can do it on a safe, comfortable, and toxin free environment. So don't feel bad about putting your child down on the floor anymore! Letting babies roam about on these playmats help tremendously with the strength and coordination skills they'll need as they grow and become more mobile.