Does your baby need a playmat?

Baby Playmats

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Yes! Absolutely! All of us at Baby Playmats Canada agree that buying a play mat is the best decision you will ever make! And, we are not alone... so many mother’s around the world have bought one and have realized just how great it is to have a play mat available for their baby’s! Babies need playtime, mental and physical stimulation to help develop their growing bodies and expanding brains. Playmats make excellent educational toys that can be enjoyed by a baby of any age. These play mats are superb when it comes to entertaining babies while giving them sensory...

How To Care For Your Baby Playmat

Baby Playmats

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Ok, so after a lot of research and putting in a lot of thought, you have finally purchased a baby play mat from us! Good choice! Playmats - Dwinguler or Baby Care - from BabyPlaymats Canada offers up the ultimate in comfort and ease of use. And though, these playmats are quite easy to clean and maintain, like any other product we also need to do our little bit to maintain and keep the playmats at its optimal performance and ensure continued durability. So how do you take care of your play mat and get the maximum benefit out of your purchase? Here...

Canada, see why Baby Play Mats are your safest bet!

Baby Playmats

Up until 2011, Canadian parents breathed a sigh of relief at the mention of the EVA foam mats. They were soft and shock-absorbent enough to cushion kids as they rolled on them and played with their toys. The construction of the mats did not hurt tender elbows and knees as kids fell and tumbled. Parents had discovered a wonderful way to keep their kids safe and comfortable as they played. In short, foam mats were the ally they needed in bringing up happy, healthy kids. The ANSES report released on July 15, 2011, changed all that. What were the findings of...

The Dwinguler Castle Play Pen Fits Perfectly on top of the Play Mats

Baby Playmats

The Dwinguler Castle Play Pen is designed to keep your child occupied where they can play in a safe area and the Dwinguler play mat will fit directly inside covering all floor space, in case they are still crawling, of if they fall. The Dwinguler Castle is made from colorful non toxic plastic, and has a lock on the outside.    

Canada, Baby Care Play Mats are Back in Stock

Baby Playmats

Back by popular demand, the Baby Care Play Mays are now in stock!