Dwinguler Fairy Tale Land Play Mat

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The Fairytale Land Play Mat by Dwinguler is in the large size of 2.3m x 1.4m and is soft and cushioned at 15mm thick. The vibrant colours of land, water, and sky, with cute Fairytale theme. Humpty Dumpty; The Three Little Pigs; Jack and The Beanstalk, and many more classics make up each part of this design. Turn it over any time to view the alphabet and complimentary characters.  These come rolled in individual boxes ready to ship. The reversible designs give families some options over the years of use, and they are waterproof so simply wipe clean. As always this item ships...

What is the difference between the Dwinguler and BabyCare play mats?

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We get questions from time to time about our mats from our first time parents or customers new to our company. We like to answer those questions in ways in which they can reach the greatest audience. It helps to discuss these questions in our blog as well because it can increase their exposure.  “What is the Difference between the Dwinguler Play Mats and Baby Care?” “The premium quality and materials are identical - The very best and safest available. Each brand has their own distinct designs. The Dwinguler™ Play Mats have a double embossed surface texture in a diamond... Product Material Quality Standards in Canada

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We import our Soft Floor Puzzle Tiles products from Taiwan into Canada because it has been the first Asian country to take significant action on toxic chemicals used in manufacture for children's products. Since January 2012 the Taiwanese government has made it illegal to include Formamide (known carcinogen) in the production of plastic based products including puzzle mats and floor mats for children targeted up to 14 years of age.  We are proud to say that our Dwinguler™ Play Mats and BabyCare™ Play Mats are the very safest and best quality playmats in the world. To ensure this they are fully tested...

Pingko & Friends Available in two sizes

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Pingko & Friends Baby Care play mat is now available in two sizes.

Why is tummy time important to your infant's development?

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During tummy time, your baby lays on her belly to play while you supervise. It is important she spends some of her awake time on her stomach to develop physically and mentally.On her tummy, your baby lifts her head, which strengthens her neck and upper back muscles.Being able to move her head reduces your baby’s risk of SIDS because she can move away from anything smothering her. Strong muscles let your baby roll over, sit, and crawl.Tummy time also gives your little one a different view of the world.Babies need to learn how to support their heads when they are...