news Product Material Quality Standards in Canada

Baby Playmats

We import our Soft Floor Puzzle Tiles products from Taiwan into Canada because it has been the first Asian country to take significant action on toxic chemicals used in manufacture for children's products. Since January 2012 the Taiwanese government has made it illegal to include Formamide (known carcinogen) in the production of plastic based products including puzzle mats and floor mats for children targeted up to 14 years of age. 

We are proud to say that our Dwinguler™ Play Mats and BabyCare™ Play Mats are the very safest and best quality playmats in the world. To ensure this they are fully tested by SGS to world standards including European Standard EN-71 and ISO 8124; as well as the more stringent US Standards outlined in the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) which are specific to Chemical Based Products for Children and to which our products are tested annually. 

We do not compromise on safety or quality for ourselves or our children. It does cost more to make products that are non-toxic and contain no controversial or suspect chemicals, as well as to have them tested to certify this. However we know that the product is the very best it can be, and as such the little extra is more than justifiable. 

With patented Eco Technology and certified testing, our Dwinguler™ Play Mats and Baby Care™ contain: no PBDEs; no Formamide; no Acetophenone; no Heavy Metals including lead and mercury; no Formaldehyde; no Phthalates; no BPA; and no other nasty toxic or suspect chemicals often used in cheap plastics.