Baby Care Playmat - Pingko & Friends



Its bright, its colourful... It’s a cute baby play mat with really cute animals enjoying the outdoors!

Lay out this cutesy Baby Care Pingko &  Friends Playmat anywhere in your home - in your bedroom, living room, play room and let the friendly Pingko and his equally friendly friends take your child on a journey of wonder and fun and safe play! What’s even better, flip over the mat any time to introduce your baby to the alphabets for creative and fun learning. There are also animal names that start with each alphabet letter so your child learns the names of animals as well.

Baby Care Pingko & Friends Play mat has been developed specifically for growing babies and children. Baby Care, Pingko and all his friends provide you a hygienic and safe floor space; where your babies and children can play and learn at the same time with stimulating and vibrant colours, characters, and other educational elements.

Pingko & Friends Playmat has the following features

  • Baby Care Pingko & Friends Playmat is made from a high quality non-toxic material. They are free from phtalates, latex, lead and BPA. This makes the play mat gentle, eco-friendly and kid-friendly. Parents – you no longer have to worry about harmful chemicals hurting your kids!
  • Rest easy about the quality of the mats. The mats have been tested to European Toy Standards EN71 and are hygienic and safe for children.
  • The excellent cushioning of the play mats protects delicate heads, hands and wrists during falls and tumbles.
  • The shock absorbent quality of the Baby Care Pingko & Friends playmats also reduces noise, keeping the atmosphere quiet and peaceful.
  • The play mat is free from that irritating chemical odour that parents worry about.
  • The play mat is waterproof and delightfully easy to clean. No more worries of spillage or crumbs spoiling the mat as compared to some puzzle playmats. Simply wipe off any spills with a soft cloth or paper towel and keep your baby healthy and protected from germs, bugs and bacteria.  
  • The Baby Care Pingko & Friends play mat is perfect if you live in a condo or an apartment. Offers you great soundproofing and excellent thermal insulation for warm feet during winter months! No other baby mat will feel so good to their feet!
  • Doesn't get dirty, crack or lose its cute look.
  • Absolutely safe for children with no sharp edges.

    This mat is available in two sizes:

    Medium - 72.8" x 49.2" x 0.4" 

    Large - 82.7" x 55.1" x 0.5"

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