Baby Care Playmat - Good Dinosaur - Small




All kids love dinosaurs. It does not matter how deadly these creatures had been in the past, kids today want to own one. The Baby Care Good Dinosaur Playmat gives them what they want. The play mat features all sorts of dinos - from the famous T Rex and Raptor to Stegosaurus and Triceratops. They are nice to look at with their plump little bodies, vibrant colors, and bright smiles. The mat is made from an improved air cell structure material that is super-soft and spongy. It will absorb the impact of all children's myriad activities and will cushion falls, protecting their delicate heads, wrists, knees, and fingers. The non-slip surface material provides a strong grip so that the mat does not skid and slide around on the floor. Special embossing reduces creasing when the mat is folded and also makes it easier for the mat to be cleaned.
On the reverse side, modern illustration style alphabets help kids get a head start before they reach school age. Like all Baby Care mats, this mat too is made from high quality non-toxic, antibacterial material that is safe for babies and is delightfully easy to clean and store.


Good Dinosaur Playmat has the following features:

  • The mat has been tested to European Standards EN71, AS/NZS ISOB124, 1&3, SGS and has passed various quality tests to ensure safety for babies.
  • It has a special waterproof surface that is easy to clean and maintain - juice, milk, soup and other food spills and stains can be wiped away with a cloth.
  • The non-slip surface material provides strong grip, preventing the mat from skidding and slipping on the floor.
  • Mat has a special improved air cell structure material that is soft and shock absorbent.
  • The mat can be used anywhere in the house or outside at picnics and day trips.

Sizes: 39.4" x 55.1" x 0.4"

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