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Dwinguler Playmat - Rainy Day - Large



Dwinguler large size playmat is sized only to fit Dwinguler Castle. Does NOT fit Baby Care FunZone Playpen.

Rainy days enjoy high demand among little tykes and mischief makers. Of special interest are puddles, slushy spots in the park, and earthworms. For some reason, these are absolute magnets for kids. The cool, wet fun of a rainy day has been adorably captured on the Dwinguler Rainy Day Playmat. From colorful clouds sprinkling multi-colored raindrops in all sizes to rainbows and animals jumping and wading through puddles, the play mat features all the rainy day essentials. Some of these mischievous tots have umbrellas, others have just decided to get wet and have carried fishing poles and swim tubes.

On the flip side of this playful play mat, you'll find alphabets in a fun style to make learning interesting.

  • Dwinguler play mats have been laboratory tested and have passed the CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards.
  • Soft and elastic, Dwinguler Rainy Day Playmat is also slip resistant.
  • Multiple layers of foam combined with a unique embossing pattern protect kids from tumbles, falls, and hard impacts on the ground.
  • The play mats are manufactured using safe, high quality, eco-friendly material. They are free from toxins and are latex-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and BPA-free.
  • Waterproof, and easy to clean and sanitize, Dwinguler Playmats help keep kids safe from germs, bugs, and bacteria.
  • The play mats are reversible and come with vibrant designs on both sides for continued sensory development.
  • They help absorb noise and let children play without the worry of chilly floors.

Size: 90.5" x 55.1" x 0.6"

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