Dwinguler Playmat - Safari



This is what an absolutely fun play mat should look like! The Dwinguler Playmat - Safari comes with tons of bright colours, animals and people, and designed to instill a sense of adventure in your child. This play mat comes with one mission and that is to fire up the imagination of children as they make up stories and situations in the wilderness; and overcome all sorts of imagined and made up obstacles. On the reverse side, kids learn to spell the names of animals from the safari.

The Dwinguler Safari Playmat will keep your child happily engaged for hours. Join them in their imaginary safari world and tell them all about the crazy adventures you've had. This play mat are great for using anywhere in the house or outdoors...any place your kids would like to go on a wonderful adventure! 

Dwinguler Safari Playmat has the following features: 

  • With safety as top priority, the Dwinguler Safari Playmat is eco-friendly and baby friendly - tested to US and European safety standards. Made with high quality non-toxic materials this play mat is Latex Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free, BPA Free.
  • The Dwinguler Safari Playmat is soft, elastic, and slip resistant. With its patented cushioning tender knees, heads and wrists are protected against serious injury in case of a fall. You baby is safe with our Dwinguler Playmat.
  • The play mat is waterproof which means food, drink, dribble, vomit and wee’s from baby and kids are no problem. Simply wipe up with a soft cloth or paper towel, it makes life far more practical with kids. No more worries of spillage or crumbs spoiling the play mat as compared to other puzzle mats.
  • This play mat offers sound proofing and thermal insulation – making these perfect for apartments and condos and provide your baby comfort (and warm feet) in winter! No other play mat will feel so good on your feet!
  • The Dwinguler Playmat is portable and can be easily rolled up for easy use in nurseries, bedrooms, living room, playroom, picnics, playgrounds, parks, gyms, beaches or any other public place where you need a clean and safe place for kids to play.
  • Easy to clean – this play mat can be easily wiped with soapy water / household cleaner. Keep your baby healthy and protected from germs, bugs and bacteria.
  • Doesn't get dirty, crack or otherwise lose its cuteness.
  • Absolutely no sharp edges and completely safe for kids!

    Sizes: 90.5" x 55.1" x 0.6"

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