Milkbe Self-Stopping Lullaby Stroller



Milkbe strollers are the world’s first and only self stopping strollers. Designed with your child’s safety in mind, these strollers automatically brake when you take your hands of the handlebar to ensure that the stroller stays in place even when the foot brake is not applied, or the handler accidentally lets go of the handle bar. With the compatible Milkbe carry cots, Milkbe strollers are perfect for newborns & infants.

  • B Touch Auto-Breaking System
  • Reversible seat, front or rear facing
  • Adjustable foot rest which eliminates dangling feet
  • Adjustable handle
  • Adjustable push bar and canopy
  • Dual shock absorbers create stable ride on all surfaces
  • Easy fold 3 Position seating adjustment: sit, lounge, sleep
  • U shape cabin
  • Whole view skylight adjustable canopy

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